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Everest´s Ice machines reach the commercial and domestic market.

Some of the establishments that use our machines in cube: Bakeries, food franchises, juice shops, restaurants, steak houses, hospitals, physical therapyclinics, sports clubs, etc.

Some of the establishments that use our machines in scale: supermarkets, fishmongers, hospitals, clinics, buffets, etc.


1-Everest´s ice machines have low power consumption, especially when compared with the cost of buying bags of ice.
2-Machines manufactured in Brazil, accredited for sale through BNDES and Finame card.
3-The Everest machines are designed to have a long shelf life.

Quality Ofice

1-The ice cube machines get a self cleaning cycle every time they are reconnected.
2-The machines are equipped with a bacteriostatic filter which eliminates odors and flavors, and does not permit the proliferation of bacteria. * (Suggested maintenance every 6 months)
3-The ice cube is beautiful, pure and crystalline in appearance, shaped thimbles, ideal for drinks and buckets.
4-The ice scale is easily moldable, involves the products without damage.


1-After installation, the machine will begin producing ice automatically without need for supervision, avoiding the risk of a lack of ice, which is common in establishments that buy ice from third
2-Micro controller with self-analysis and error detection for models of ice cube.
3-Avoids the risk of lack of ice.


1-Ergonomic and sturdy design, allowing its use in any environment;
2-Design practice, which allows for easy maintenance.

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