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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Everest sell directly from the factory?

Yes through our representatives. Please contact our closest representative in your region for an estimate.

What other funding forms does Everest accept?

Leasing and PROGER.

Can I buy Everest ice machines with the BNDES or FINAME card?

Our machines are available for sale via BNDES and FINAME cards, but deposits cannot be acquired through any of these funding forms.

Is there any difference between ice flakes and crushed ice?

Flake ice is scraped while crushed ice is produced with a bar broken into different pieces. Ice flakes are easily adaptable, which helps prohibit damage to products that contact it.

Is installation free?

Installation is paid by Everest.

Who can install the machine?

Contact the closest Technical Assistance center in your region to set up the equipment installation process. Technical Assistance List.

Who shall I contact in case of any problem with the machine?

You can directly contact the factory or one of our technical assistance locations.

What is the right equipment for my establishment?

The capacity of production and storage of each establishment depend on many variables, such as: opening hours, number of clients, etc. Our representatives are trained to evaluate as precisely as possible the best equipment for each establishment.

How can I obtain an estimate for an Everest ice machine?

Contact the closest representative in your region. Representative List.

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