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Our History

Everest Refrigeração began more than 40 years ago. Everest has always been a pioneering company, and we’re one of the first manufacturers of electric drinking fountains in Brazil.

As time has gone by, the strengthening of our brand has allowed us to diversify our product line and produce many different models of horizontal freezers.

In 1984, we decided to invest in manufacturing Ice Machines (the most sophisticated and light commercial refrigeration equipment available today), and have go on to become the largest manufacturer of this equipment in Latin America. We are the leaders in the Brazilian market today.

And, as one success spurs on another, we employed the same resources we used to produce our ice machines to launch our SOFT Water Purifier in 1997. This has been very popular in Brazil, and we are currently the leader in this category.

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You know the water purifiers of the Everest?