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Our Ice Machines

The success of Everest´s brand is the result of a philosophy of existing work from the start of production in 1984. Everest seeks excellence in all factors involving the product. Beginning with the quality of the equipment, designed to meet the different climates of Brazil, continuing with the quality of our distribution channel that allows differential treatment, selecting the ideal machine for each property. And finally, the attention given to our Technical Assistance Network, the largest in this segment in Brazil, providing a service of excellent quality.

Over 30 years of market experience allowed Everest to create ice cube machines and scales that meet the needs of customers with a relationship cost /benefit advantage, low cost of maintenance, technical assistance available throughout the country, and within the company, a network of support for the customer, the dealer, and the assistant coach.

All this makes Everest´s brand today a leader in its category.

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You know the water purifiers of the Everest?